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The Green Efficiency Media Retrofit Air Cleaners have been designed to meet the air filtration efficiency criteria required to gain points toward certification in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building rating system.

The unique filter material is constructed with an advanced synthetic air media that utilizes both charged fibers and traditional mechanical filtration principles. The charged fibers allow the media to achieve MERV 14 levels upon installation and immediately grab and trap airborne contaminants. The resulting dust cake then enhances the mechanical principles of the filter allowing for high levels of filtration during the entire life-cycle.

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We have organized our models by home size in our right size buying guide. Unsure what size your home is? Best to confirm with your realtor or original home listing. Please remember not to include the basement when calculating your home size.

Don’t stress over the sizing too much – When we do our FREE home inspection we will double check to ensure you have selected the correct size models for your home.

What you build through the site and cart system is an estimate. Once we perform our FREE home visit (by a technician NOT A SALES STAFF) we will confirm the sizing is correct and collect payment for your order.

If adjustments are needed we will explain why. WE WILL NOT UPSELL YOU. It is against our company policy for them to attempt to upsell you upon arrival and we pride ourselves on honest and transparent business.

Easy HVAC offers our customers a truly unique service—the Easy HVAC Quality Assurance Program!

The goal of this program is to make sure our customers are happy and confident with their new home comfort systems and products. To ensure complete satisfaction, we send our own inspector to every home after a furnace or air conditioner installation to assess the quality of work and answer any lingering questions.

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